What is GISEDU

What is GISEDU?

Nowadays no specialist or business organisation (related to the environment) can ignore the importance of GIS opportunities for the professional process planning, management and monitoring of the implementation of activities. In the near future GIS capabilities for systems and its’ influence will only grow: improving hardware tools, thus in particular increasing the accumulated and acquired spatial data volumes and their quality. Professionals and workers with no knowledge of GIS and the available data application possibilities will not be competitive in labour market.

Therefore this Project aims to increase job opportunities and work force mobility, to develop new GIS competencies matching labour market needs in the region and to improve Joint GI education services and trainings available. Specialists with better skills working in the Programme region, will increase its’ competitiveness. Employable people will see the region as an attractive place for working and settling down.

Project will produce these outputs: trainers (lecturers) will increase their qualification with up to date GI knowledge, two improved GI competencies centres for joint use will be created in the region and around two hundred trainees will participate in joint training. Students, employees, business organisations and also local community will benefit greatly from this project.

This project is cross- border, as it is cost effective and most effective way. Implementing a project with transnational partners will help to obtain reliable results, share good experience, thus it will help to spread the information about the project‘s outcomes widely. Learning what is needed in both countries will enable students to get the best experience and will allow then to become more employable.

For Joint training workshops and seminars will be organized in the participating organisations. Project outcomes will connect people in the region for common training and research purposes.